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The Right Material – The Right Process

Materials are dominating the world and are vital to society as we know it. Countless different materials are available that offer a wide range of specific properties. While for many applications the selection of the material is relatively straight forward, there are many other and new demanding applications, where the selection of the right material is challenging.

This is where our expertise lies. So if performance and sustainability matters, this is where we can help you.

High Performance Materials and customer specific processes/services are our specialty that will provide you with the platform for your innovation in building a better future.
With our expert team, we are supporting the selection of the right material for your applications, whether this is an off-the-shelf material or an innovative special material. We are experts for material technology transfer, e. g. from aerospace to automotive. If you need to push the boundaries of existing material performance, we can also provide technical consultancy in your materials and process projects.

Advanced-Materials-Concepts GmbH are offering an expert knowledge in materials with a strong focus on metallic materials such as aluminium (including aluminium-lithium) and titanium, their manufacturing processes and applications across space & aerospace, race & automotive and many other industries.


Our Core Markets are:

Space & Aerospace

Race & Automotive

Industrial & Machinery