Our Core Strengths


Our Core Strengths are:

Business Development & Innovation

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Our experience becomes your expertise.

With our extensive network and global experience we bring innovation to your portfolio.

We provide our knowledge of materials, applications, processes, trends and markets to identify and develop new business opportunities, strengthen existing ones and securing your differentiation in the competitive landscape.

Materials & Processes

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Selecting the right material and/or process is crucial.

Seemingly small differences can have significant advantages.

Whether off-the-shelf products or development of new solutions, we support you in making that difference.

Specification & Qualification

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We support your selection and development of appropriate standards, procedures and specifications.

We can also develop the appropriate qualification procedures and programmes with you and select the most relevant supply chain.

Procurement & Sourcing Support

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As independent experts we support your procurement to define the criteria for the best product and help to find the best supplier in terms of capability, reliability, quality and costs.

We also contribute our deep market knowledge to provide you with the best solutions for your optimised supply chain.

Product Cost Analysis & Optimisation

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Our expert knowledge in manufacturing processes allows us to evaluate a detailed cost break-down to identify the cost drivers and optimise production costs.  

Due Diligence & Consultancy Services

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Our deep understanding of industry enables us to ask the right questions as part of delivering the qualitative as well as the quantitative evaluation in all due diligence activities.

We provide material and process intelligence as well as aerospace and automotive market insights.